Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Thoughts at work

Well i'm sitting here at work eating my sandwich and taking like a 2 minute break, so i figured for Angelle's sake, since shes probably the only one reading this, i'd post!

MMM, what you say....mmm what you say....

seriously, that video is funny! watch it. Dear sister on youtube. watch the OC version first, then the SNL version.

this whole blog concept is kinda weird. I dont need to write about myself for my own sake, i guess its for people out there who care?

So we might start looking for some land north of charlotte on/near a lake. not for right now, but maybe 3-7 years down the line. Maddexes are interested (at least Bryan says so) in going in or looking with us. Thatd be fun.

We really would like to be on the lake and have a boat. I'm really like wakeboarding, and itd be fun to teach the kids, and let them tube around. Good times!

we watched the new TMNT animated movie last night. it was pretty good for a cartoon. animation was definitely awesome.

alright, back to work. hopefully i can write about my heelside backroll tomorrow, if i get the balls to try it tonight on the boat (and assuming angelle doesnt go into labor hence allowing me to go on the boat)

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stacy said...

Um, did you not see that your SISTER left a comment and is now reading your blog??? am i chopped liver? geesh