Monday, August 13, 2007

Baby monkeys and monkey joes

Well,its now about 5:15. Angelle is feeding Erin. Leah is at home with Grammy. I got some rest. We slept about 3-4 hours last night after she was born. Then Grammy brought Leah up to meet her little sister. She was SOOOO cute. we thought she would run to Angelle but she totally climbed up and wanted to see Erin. She was saying things like "Shes out!" and "shes gonna come home with us?". She was patting her head and just looking at her. it was really adorable. Then we gave leah a present from Erin and from us. We gave her a little stuffed Pablo (backyardigan) and erin gave her a block puzzle. Leah liked going on the patio for our room. I know right? a patio on a hospital room? this place is swanky! I really like this hospital. the nurses have been so attentive for angelle.

Around 10am, i took Leah to this place called Monkey Joes. its an indoor play place for kids. Angelle wanted to take a shower and her mom was here so we got some daddy daughter time. We take off, first stop by the ATM, then the gas station for milk, gatorade, and cheezy crackers (milk-leah, gatorade-daddy, cheezy crackers-both). We pull up to monkey joes, get out, get to the front door, and theres a big sign saying socks must be worn at all time. Of course Leah has her crocs on. SO i go hunt around the car and diaper bag for some socks, but nope. SO we get back in the car, and leah is crying cuz she saw the super awesomeness that was monkey joes and now we're leaving it. I tell her we'll be right back. Luckily there is a burlington in the same shopping plaza, so we run over, finally find some socks for her and get back in the car, and she has a big poo, so i changed that, and then FINALLY we head back to Monkey Joes. Leah was super excited (again). its a neat place. its basically just a bunch of big bouncy houses and slides, but its perfect for kids cuz they can run around, jump and be silly. Leah had a blast. I went down the biggest slide with her a few times, but then she did it by herself! shes such a good climber and brave (i think). So i would definitely recommend Monkey Joes to anyone with toddlers.

After MJ's we hit up firehouse to take some subs back to the hospital. leah got a firehat. she liked it for about 30 seconds and then made me wear it.

After eating, leah headed back to our house with grammy and it was just angelle, me, and erin again. i pretty much dozed for a few hours (only to be roused by my phone buzzing every now and then. thanks for calling guys! sorry i didnt pick up. voicemail is more than acceptable :) )

so here we are. Angelle is feeding the baby monkey. Her other potential cutesy baby names are 'munchkin', 'muffin', or 'blog'.

I apologize to anyone who read my posts from last night. No, i didnt sneak a hit from Angelle's IV drip. just tired i guess.

I'm fairly amazed, actually flabbergasted (good word eh?) at the frequency to which everyone reads blogs now. maybe its just cuz we're in the hospital having a baby, but I'd like to assume that its not.

We are trying to decide between Hops, Outback, and Bonefish for our celebratory dinner. Any suggestions/recommendations? post them in the next 30 minutes.

Blogger out.


Mer&Clint said...

Hi Mike! I have been reading your blogs all day, looking at the pics, and watching the video of Leah meeting Erin over and over cute!!! We are so happy for all of you! Yay are a big sister! Little Erin is gorgeous! We can't wait to meet her soon! Congrats on your new bigger family!!! Please give all your girls kisses from us!
BTW, my vote is for Outback! They have the best mac& should get it with steamed veggies...yum! Have fun! We love you!

stacy said...


Angelle Gallers said...

Ha, ha we tricked you all and we got food from Carrabba's!

Liz said...

Yeah so I totally cried when I watched the video of Leah meeting Erin - I am such a wuss.

Keri Donald said...

Oh my goodness... Leah is such a great big sister already!!! What a sweetie!

I can't get over how much hair Erin has! How precious!

Christina said...

I was crying to Liz. I'm so happy that everything is going so well for you guys!

Mike you are an awesome daddy! That was really cool that you took Leah out for some alone time!