Saturday, August 25, 2007

Interesting Dream

So last night, i get woken up (not sure of thetime. felt like it was 2 or 3). What was the source of the awakening you ask? No, not Erin. No, not Leah. No, not a cat. No, not a burglar (thank god). It was Angelle, telling me about her dream she just had. She seemed very upset so I dozily listened. Apparently the dream had something to do with Angelle looking at Erin and realizing she was an animal, something like a lemur. This of course had her very upset. Wouldn't you be upset if you found out your child was really a lemur? I mean, sure they are fuzzy and cute, and they have cool names like Ring Tailed Shifaka and Golden Crowned Lemur, but i'm sure they are much harder to potty train. Leah is hard enough as it is. i cant imagine potty training a lemur.

So Angelle was very upset by this dream and was sobbing. I tried my best to comfort her without laughing, although i felt some giggles sneaking out. What I apparently failed to realize was the deeper meaning of the dream, which was that Angelle definitely feels that deep attachment to Erin, and was saddened by the notion that she wasnt Angelle's child. Very admirable since Erin is not yet 2 weeks old.

But i still find it amusing that she was crying cuz Erin was a lemur.


Mandi said...

It's settled. your next kid will be named Shifaka.

Mike said...