Tuesday, November 6, 2007

it is decided

Netflix it is! well, the free trial anyway. We'll see how it works
out. I like watching movies on my busride into and from work, so it
seems like a good thing. Oh, i also recommend visiting drew's blog.
Hes a smart kid. -> http://xxlbbq.blogspot.com/

On another note, is it funny, ironic, or sad that i sat on the couch
tonight eating chocolate cookies and reading blogs while angelle was
watching Biggest Loser on TV. It really is inspirational watching
those big fatties work out and lose weight. But not that
inspirational. Obviously.

Is it veterans day yet?


Mandi said...

that's fine. don't take my advice. whatev. either way, you've been tagged. Read it. Do it. Love it.

Angelle said...

how about, screw it?! Tag this!!

Angelle said...

That last comment was Mike commenting under my name. Nice, hon.

Alexis said...

Yeah, it's been a while since I've blogged, but I'm back in the game now buster!