Sunday, November 11, 2007

Back on campus

Last night freakin rocked. I went down to Columbia, SC with a friend from BofA to watch the Florida/South Carolina game. It was SO much fun. 4 of us tailgated and then watched a kickass game. We got awesome seats, in the gator section right behind the florida band, and right behind the endzone the gators were scoring in for the 4th quarter. It was awesome to see the gators live again. I definitely will be going to this game every 2 years. Anyone who wants to go, lets do it! I'm crazy tired though. got back about 2am. Cold and tired and with a sore throat from all the yelling. It was fun heckling the gamecock fans and getting heckled by them, cuz i had the last laugh. In case you didnt see it (although, why the heck didnt you see it?) score was 51-31 gators. Grilling hotdogs and drinking guiness before a big SEC game is just awesome.

And although i did love Laurie's chocolate chip pancakes, i would have definitely liked to sleep in today. So now as i write this, i'm just so tired and of course now feel the pain of our children when they're overtired and cant fall asleep. uggh.

Today was mostly chill. Hung around, tried to excavate rocks from my backyard. Gave up after about a half hour. Tried to nap, but of course, we have kids, so that doesnt work. Then grilled hot dogs (yeah i know, again) at the Maddexes. Also watched an awesome Cowboys/Giants game. Word up to my main Giants fan JK. 31-20 in favor of the 'boys. Lookin strong.

Glad tomorrow is a day off. Thank you to all the Veterans out there who have fought or are fighting for our country. the USA is definitely the best country in the world to live in, and i gotta give mad props to people willing to risk their lives so i can watch college football and write in blogs. Speaking of blogs, the next Suite5 song is in the works. S'gonna be a doozy. If i ever get time to actually play through my amp and record. Which is doubtful. Maybe when Erin is 2.

aight. all for now.

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Rachel-n-Ryan said...

So you were that crazy Gator fan...j/k, I only watched part of the game (totaly nerd). The last Gator game I went to was at SC, too, except we made breakfast burittos & mimosas (it was too early of a game for Guiness & hot dogs). Life here is good, although it's a little cold.