Thursday, September 27, 2007

the Wawa

okay, so everyone is wondering about my new job. I guess since i'm there i can talk about it now. :)

I'm pretty much doing the same thing i was doing at Bank of America. for those of you that didnt know (mandi) yes, i worked for Bank of America. for about 10 months as a consultant, and then from april through last week as an associate.

Now i'm at Wachovia (for some reason i heard someone call it the wawa). Its pretty rockin. The cube designs are all artsy and the building is really nice (wood paneling in the elevators for example).

I'm still doing similar work which includes: Interaction Design, Long term strategy planning, UI design, information stuff. :)

If you havent played with Adobe Flex, i recommend it.

I started messin with it and built a sweet lookin app in like 10 minutes. granted it wasnt hooked up to a datasource, but i'm sure its easy.

ALright, season premier of Office is now starting. gotta go!!!


Rachel-n-Ryan said...

Congrats on the new job! The Wawa thing threw me for a loop though. I'm glad it's Wawa Wachovia and not Wawa the gas station (the Starbucks of gas stations up here).

K8THEGR8 said...

I hope you realize what a hole you've left in my heart by leaving...Kate says as she is getting ready to leave herself.

Mandi said...

Sounds like a fun job :) I'm glad you're not in the branches - we at the small town banks call it "Walk-All-Over-Ya". SOO I guess i can't hold it against you.

See you next weekend!!

Rhiannon said...

The Office rocked!! Fun run for the cure, it was great. Glad you are liking the new job.