Sunday, February 22, 2009

Leah's new tricks

I took Leah to the pool today, and shes getting great at swimming when she has her goggles. Its so awesome to see her like the water and not be afraid to go under. She actually swam under my legs today! Also, she stood on the side and jumped in with a life jacket on. Shes never done that on her own. I didnt even ask her to do it. she just got out and did it! then she did it about 5 more times. I know this may not seem like much for all you parents of frogs, but for Leah its a huge step. I was shocked. Shes really a lot of fun to swim with now.

Also, we were playing with Paint on the computer before bed, and i wrote a few 3 letter words, and asked Leah if she could sound them out to see what they said, and she did!! She sounded out Cat, Dog, Hat, Pig, and Frog (with some help). I guess word world is helping! I think she might be reading beginner books by the end of the year! i called angelle in to show her and she was amazed. Yay! I got Leah to do something before her teacher mom. :)

We also had shrimp and corn bisque for dinner. SO delicious! Thanks Gee and Myrn for visiting, cooking, and then leaving us with food!

now another week of hoping its not my last with Wells Fargo/Wachovia. :)

Hope Keith is having fun in Park City. while i'm not there, i still had fun with my girls this weekend.

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