Friday, November 14, 2008

It's been awhile...

since i wrote in this blog..blah blah blah blah blah blah.

Hmm lets see...the past 3 weeks. Went to Florida to see my mom who was in the hospital for pneumonia. Shes doing much better now. Just needs some physical therapy after being in the hospital 2 weeks. Not gonna post all the details here, but email me if you want to know more. LOVE YOU MOM!!

Training is still going well. I swam 1000 yards the other night (in about 25 minutes) and last night swam 600 yards, biked 8 miles, and jogged 1 mile. that took just about an hour.

Volleyball is also sill fun. playing usually Tuesday and Friday rec pickup games. I might look into an indoor league next spring.

Girls are awesome. They are playing a lot lately. SO freakin cute. If you have one kid, and are considering not having another, my opinion is that its awesome. Yeah sure its more work, but its SO worth it. not only for me, but definitely for Leah.

I guess thats really it. Exciting huh? 3+ weeks and all its been was visiting mom, work, girls, working out, volleyball, tv....

We did take the girls bike riding on some mountain bike trails last weekend. They were very mellow, but still really fun. Through the woods, with leaves everywhere. Really awesome ride.

Currently watching some weird Barbara Walters specials about a guy who had a baby. I dont think its a guy honestly. He/she is a transgender who was born a woman, felt like a man, got her breasts removed, testosterone injected, and got his/her birth certificate changed from female to male. Then he got married to a woman, and she had a hysterectomy previously so she couldnt have a child. So since the guy still had a uterus and other parts, he carried and had the baby. It was his egg, and they got a donor sperm. So they had issues with their child's birth certificate. Who was the mom, who was the dad?

I totally dont have a problem with them having a kid, or a homosexual couple having a kid (men or women). My only issue is with this person (Tracy to Thomas) becoming a "man". To me, male and female refer to biology. How you think or what your actions are define your personality, so if you are a female but you like to play football and drink beer or are a male and like to wear dresses and do ballet (i'm sure i just offended a million people with my gender stereotypes, but have to make the point somehow) to me thats fine. I just dont understand this person who claims she felt like a man, but wanted to keep her uterus, ovaries and all. If she didnt like all the fru-fru stuff, why wouldnt she just be a girl who likes to do 'manly' stuff. Obviously i dont understand, so thats why i'm writing. curious what other people think. This person seemed to not like the gender stereotypes, but wanted to be one. Just not the one she was. Seems odd to me, thats all.

In any case, he/she had a baby, they seem to love it, and ultimately thats all that matters. A MUCH MUCH MUCH better home than tons of homes out there, so more power to them.


brittany said...

You are very wise bro-in-law. Good analysis!

Mandi said...

He/She probably kept the womanly parts inside because it's way more expensive to remove them, then years later they happened to come in handy. Does he have a penis? how did he deliver? I wonder if he's filing for the disney fortune?