Saturday, April 12, 2008

Theres a first time for everything

Today, it was yoga. Been having some lower back pain, so figured I'd try it. Its really just stretching and breathing. I dunno. Angelle likes it a lot, and i can see how it could relax you if you can really stop thinking about all the things you're stressing about, but to me, it just felt like group stretching.

Also, since its hip to do, I'm going to do some "Top" lists. First up, top tv shows on right now:

1. Milf Island (see #3 if you're doubting this one)
2. How I Met Your Mother
3. 30 Rock
4. The Office
5. Robot Chicken
6. Family Guy
7. Seinfeld Reruns
8. Americas Funniest Home Videos
9. My Dad is better than Your Dad
10. Johnny and the Sprites

Okay, so 9 and 10 are jokes, but TV pretty much is 98% lame. Hells Kitchen is mildly amusing, but i wouldnt watch it if Angelle didnt. I still watch Smallville, but i wouldnt really say its good, and I havent seen the latest Scrubs, but it will probably join the list after I view it. Other than that, you can see my previous blog for all the lame shows on. You may be questioning #8, but seeing dads get hit in the crotch with t-balls and watching babies fall asleep while eating still cracks me up. Even with youtube, AFV still makes me laugh more than most shows.

Tune in next issue when I list the top 10 yoga positions. Here is a sample:

1. Downward Dog
2. Ultimate Warrior (or was he a wrestler?)
3. Crane to Butterfly to Tree (seriously, who names this stuff??)



Angelle said...

I'm really proud of you for going with me. Come again another time when the AC is not broken and we will do real yoga. :)

Rhiannon said...

30 Rock was so funny! Milf Island, awesome! Scrubs was pretty good too.

Nikki said...

Haha.. Milf Island. Pretty sure Jason was disappointed when he realized that wasn't a real show. :) I laughed out loud a lot during Scrubs too.
And How I Met Your Mother is seriously the funniest show on television. Love it.

AFV is like 75% HORRIBLE (I can't stand the corny host) but I crack up like a little girl when the babies and young kids do the silliest things.

Nice list. :)

Brittany said...

I wish you could watch AFV with my roommate, Pam. I really don't think it's that funny, but she laughs HISTERICALLY (snorting included) anytime someone falls down, trips, etc... I crack up more just watching her reaction than I do watching the show!

megAstar said...

It's almost believable that MILF Island would be a real show, although it would be on Fox, not NBC.
I catch myself turning on America's Funniest Videos and it always makes me laugh!
Oh, and I believe Johnny and the Sprites has been canceled- sorry to ruin your list. But that leaves room for Scrubs (which is coming back for one more season on ABC!).

Mandi said...

Ok, so I agree, Scrubs should be on this list. As well as Big Bang Theory. If you have any nerd in you what so ever, you'll finid it hilarious. Check it out!! (you can watch it at