Monday, April 7, 2008

New laptop

well, i'm blogging from our new laptop. its sweet. Widescreen, dvd burner, 2 gigs of memory. woot.

Angelle is drooling over my shoulder, but i wont let her have it yet.

I would apologize for not blogging in awhile, but hey, life is busy, and if you care that much, call me! You probably dont, thats why you havent called me. Nice friend you are! Thanks jerk. sheesh.

Anyways, life is good, the girls are good. Everything except my car is good. The busted old corolla. I want a new car, but i just dont want to spend the money on it. Especially since i really only use it to drive to the bus station, and on the weekends, we usually drive the van. But still, i want a car that i like. That i didnt inherit. I'm thinking about a used nissan xterra. I want some more space than the corolla, and the xterra has space, but i can probably get one from carmax for under 13k and under 50k miles. anyone have opinions? i wouldnt mind an Escape hybrid, but again, dont want to spend the cash.

Also, did anyone else lose a ton in their IRA 1st quarter??! i know the market was supposedly bad (although i dont really think we're in a recession. State of fear...state of fear...) but 10% seems like a huge loss to me. Shouldnt Al Gore swoop in and stop global warming from ruining my IRA? Or maybe thats Batman. In any case, if you dont know what an IRA is, erase this paragraph from your memory.

As an update to my post from a long time ago about free CMS's, Drupal is the bomb. I've set up two sites so far using it: and

To anyone needing a free, easy to set up website tool with built in blogging, user admin, themes, forums, polls, and more, check out

Just for fun, I talked to a realtor to do a house search for homes closer to the city and the lake. Saw some interesting stuff...if i knew we could sell this monroe house, i think we'd move. Assuming we could get our friends to move with us.

In other news, i'm totally in love with the library. I got a library card for the Charlotte-Mecklenburg libraries (the county where i work, not where i live so i unfortunately had to spend $45) but there is a branch by my office, so i just reserve stuff online, and go pick it up! its awesome. i've been reading all kindsa spider-man lately. Bus time isnt all that bad. And neither is couch time and bed time. Angelle is kinda sick of seeing spider-man comics now though. Oh well, i'm tired of seeing: Biggest Loser, Newlyweds, Bachelors, Biggest WInner, Littlest Groom, Biggest Bride, My big fat greek houseguest, bachelorette, rachel ray vs bobby flay: celebrity food showdown, jon and kate plus 8, bobby and whitney plus crack, and many more interestling awful shows that Angelle watches. I still love her, but i dont have to love the shows she watches.

time for oreos. bye.


Erica Lynn said...

Haha .. I love Jon & Kate Plus 8 .. its like a trainwreck .. everytime I see it while I'm flipping I have to stop and watch for a little bit .. I have no idea how she handles them so well!

Angelle said...

You shut up! Littlest Groom is my absolute favorite show of all time!

Keri Donald said...

I was seriously JUST thinking that you hadn't blogged for a while, but I guess I'm a jerk so it doesn't matter.

I thought you made the groom show up. Is that for real?

megAstar said...

Don't you rag on Angelle for her shows, she lets you read lame-o Spiderman comics!
I don't see Rock of Love on that list of shows, which is a shame- now, that's good TV!!!

Mirdonamy said...

Bobby & Whitney plus Crack sounds like a brilliant show! I'd totally watch that shit!

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