Monday, December 29, 2008


Since all the teams I was rooting for didn't make the playoffs (in the last week) I might as well root for the Panthers! Sure they are rivals of the Bucs, but since the cowboys played like a peewee football team, and the Bucs blew it, i figured i'd root for the Broncos who also could make the playoffs by beating a division rival on the road. While they scored more than the cowboys did, they looked about as bad.

So, one of the crappies football weekends ever for the pro teams i watch.

At least i still have the Gators...ahhhh gators dont let me down!!

Erin is freakin adorable lately. She brought a Gator counting book over to, I think G or Myrn and said "Go Go Go Tebow". :) gotta love it!!

Leah is like totally in love with disney princesses. She loves Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Belle. Oh and Tinkerbell (she got a figure from Erin for xmas, and the movie from Santa). I guess some girls are just girly girls. Meanwhile i get the impression that Erin is going to be more Xgames or Sports oriented. She seems to have a stockier build and likes things like kicking soccer balls and climbing up things too high/big for her. ANd she likes riding around on bikes more than it seemed like Leah did at her age. I could just be misremembering though.

I hope i'm not influencing Erin by treating her more like a boy. :)

Ah well, off we head to the mountains tomorrow. Pray for cold weather and snow!


Rhiannon said...

I am sure there is some other team you could route for, any other team than the lame Panthers. Please, I am begging you. Seriously, you won't feel good about yourself if you do it.

Mandi said...

I wouldn't feel bad about influencing Erin at all - I always thought the girl vs. boy ideals stigma was overrated anyway. :)

Nikki said...

Leah and Halle are going to get along so well over the years. :) Halle is soooo girly girl too.

You could always root for the.. wait for it...


Love that Erin says, "Go, Go, Go Tebow!" I love that kid!