Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Latest Goings On

For details on our Michigan trip, read Angelle's blog post

Happy Belated Blog birthday to Erin and Bryan and Brittany! and um, anyone else i forgot. sorry!

Seriously, MIchigan was so awesome! I want to live on a lake, own a boat, have friends next door, and not have a job. And have a steady influx of cash.

For anyone who likes comics, graphic novels, and/or batman (probably aimed at Mandi, Barry, Drew, maybe Min or JasonCL?) i just read two good stories:
Batman: The Long Halloween and Batman: Dark Victory. Both written by Jeph Loeb and drawn by Tim Sale.

Got my Hyperlite wakeboard back. I cracked my old one and they replaced with a new one! its pretty sweet. Also my new Gator bindings ROCK. if you wakeboard, i recommend them.

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