Saturday, December 15, 2007

whats the deal with webkinz?

anyone? anyone know the answer? Fry? Fry? Bueller? Something 'D' 'O' 'O' economics. Webkinz Economics.

I dunno, apparently its like tamagotchie (which I never understand that either) but its online but you also have a stuffed animal. i think the stuffed animal is just so that parents will pay money, cuz if a kid said "mom, can i have 12 bucks to sign up for an online pet thing" they wouldnt have as much business. You know you're getting old when you hear yourself say "whats the deal with this crazy online thing the kids are doing, i dont get it". Oh well. I still like myself, and kids are lame.

How are you?


Erica Lynn said...

you got it right .. the animal lives online and you can interact with it online and collect them offline and your collection grows online .. its pretty silly because instead of playing pretend with the toy they're sitting in front of the computer.

Keri Donald said...

Annnabelle got one of those for her 1st birthday and I had never heard of them, so I threw the tag off when I gave the toy to her and we never took advantage (haha) of the online part of the pet. She still likes it anyway. ;)

Tiffanyrose said...

Also, did you know that they can die? One day you can log in to find your WebKinz no longer there. Then you have to buy a new one. I agree, pretty lame.

Mandi said...

Ok, so I'm lame, and i have a webkinz. i haven't been online in forever, but i think you adopt it for only a year and that's why it died. My co-worker's kids have like 20 between the two of them. My poor Frank (a pug) is probably starving because i haven't fed it in like weeks. oh well. There are alot of games on there that are entertaining and 'can be' educational... :)

I know...i'm a dweeb.