Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The good, the bad, and the mickey

First off..HOW 'BOUT THEM COWBOYS!!! to anyone who just finished watching that game, HOLY COW. how ridic was that?!?!? one of the best cowboy finishes i've witnessed!! if you didnt see it, go read cbssportsline or espn. it was insane. a touchdown in the last minute, a missed 2 pt conversion, and onside kick, and a 53 yd field goal with 2 sec left for the win. sooooo good.

But with every good, there is a bad. Of course, its the heartbreaking gator loss to LSU saturday. up 10 in the 4th qtr, and they just couldnt hang on. they controlled the game the whole time!!! so, the gators lost it in the 4th, and cowboys won it in the 4th.

And along with the good and the bad, we have the mickey. We visited magic kingdom today and leah met Mickey Mouse again. (She met him the first time about a year and a half ago). but she was again frightened by him and cried when we took the picture. Then she also was scared by the winnie the pooh ride. there is this weird psychodelic part where its dark with glowing and flashing things. she didnt like that. she also remembered that she didnt like it the whole day and kept telling us she didnt like it. it was funny. But she did enjoy dumbo's flying elephants, the carousel, the monsters Inc show, and Its a Small world. she REALLY loved small world. she was pretty much mesmerized the whole time. its gotta be overwhelming for a 2 yr old. Leah also liked the Dole whip for obvious reasons. it was delicious.

All in all, a good day. Erin was really good too. slept most of the time. :) Tomorrow, off to Animal kingdom and epcot for food and wine festival. Then hopefully the Vans skate park wednesday, seaworld thursday, and back to NC friday.

SO far weve seen: Nana & Papa (Steve and Ronni), Grammy (Cathy), Megan (who gets mad props), Nikki/Jason/Halle, Erica, Mandy/Barry, Carly & Greg. What a vacation so far! And we expect to also see Keith/Keri/Annabelle/Corgan, Pops (Ed), and Jason/Nikki/Halle again.

Phew. Can you tell i'm still all wired from the cowboy game??!? just saw the highlights on espn again.

Alright, time to unwind...


Mandi said...

where did you have internet? You get mad props for blogging on vacation. Your a true blogger, mike. A true blogger.

Christina said...

I'm glad you are having a good time. I wish the Stewarts were on the list of people that you've seen. I'm so sad that we aren't getting to meet Erin. Couldn't you have planned your vacation a couple of weeks later...some of us were busy having babies :-)

Brittany said...

Christmas is in Death Valley this year, and the way you're acting...well, let's just say Santa might not be coming for you!